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Finding the best men’s pickleball shoes can make a world of difference in your game, and we know you want to make the right choice. We’ve tested numerous options to help you find the perfect fit.

In this comprehensive guide, we promise to share our top recommendations, ensuring maximum comfortsupport, and durability for all types of players. 

Keep reading for a preview of the shoes that will not only enhance your performance on the court but also provide the stability and style you deserve.


ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes

  • Exceptional shock absorption
  • Amplified stability
  • Durable synthetic overlay
  • Superior court traction
  • Minimizes foot fatigue


K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe

  • Unrivaled Durability
  • Superior Comfort Features
  • Exceptional Traction
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Long-lasting Lifespan


FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men

  • Comfortable Honeycomb Insole
  • Durable EVA Material
  • Enhanced Non-slip Design
  • Breathable Anti-odor Tech
  • Supports Wider Feet

Now that we have identified the best men’s pickleball shoes, let’s delve deeper and provide detailed reviews of each, exploring their unique features, comfort level, durability, and overall performance on the court.

Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes – Top 5 Reviews

1: Best Stable Pickleball Shoes – ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes Review

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes offer a unique blend of comfort and durability, setting them apart from competitors. Embedded with GEL Technology, these shoes provide exceptional shock absorption, reducing strain during intense pickleball matches. 

The durable synthetic leather toe overlays and TRUSSTIC technology amplify stability, making these shoes a valuable addition to your sporting gear. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes:

Comfort: The ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes are equipped with GEL Technology that offers excellent shock absorption, providing comfort during extended hours of play. The design of these shoes is focused on minimizing foot fatigue, which is crucial when considering pickleball shoes.

Durability: These shoes feature durable synthetic leather toe overlays, which extend the life of the shoes by improving support and resisting wear and tear. Durability is a significant factor to consider, especially if you plan on playing regularly.

Traction: With their rubber sole and wrap-up outsole design, these shoes provide improved stability and grip on the court. Good traction can prevent slips and falls, ensuring your safety during the game.

Breathability: Although the Amazon description doesn’t specify breathability, it’s an essential factor to consider. Breathability ensures your feet remain dry and cool, which could impact your overall performance and comfort.

  • Excellent Shock Absorption
  • Durable Synthetic Overlays
  • Improved Stability
  • High Traction Outsole
  • Comfort-Centric Design
  • Unclear Breathability
  • Price Not Specified
  • Limited Color Options

Best Stable Pickleball Shoes

The best stable men’s pickleball shoes are the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes because they combine comfort and durability, featuring excellent shock absorption and improved stability that cater to the demanding nature of pickleball games.

2: Best Durable Men’s Pickleball Shoes – K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe Review

The K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe stands out in the sea of pickleball shoes due to its unrivaled durability and superior comfort features. 

The shoe incorporates high-density AÖSTA 7.0 rubber compound and DURAWRAP technology, providing an extra line of defense against excessive toe dragging. The unique design and materials result in a shoe that offers an exceptional playing experience. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe

Comfort: Comfort should always be a top priority when choosing pickleball shoes. The K-Swiss shoe features an ORTHOLITE SOCK LINER, providing a cool, dry, and healthy environment for your feet, promising prolonged comfort.

Durability: Durability is paramount in a sport involving swift, sudden movements. The high-density AÖSTA 7.0 RUBBER COMPOUND ensures unmatched durability from heel-to-toe, extending the shoe’s lifespan.

Traction: Good traction is crucial for quick lateral movements in pickleball. The rubber sole of this shoe offers reliable grip, providing you with the needed stability during the game.

Breathability: A good pickleball shoe needs to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The ORTHOLITE SOCK LINER in the K-Swiss shoe helps move moisture away, promoting a healthier and more breathable environment for your feet.

  • High-density rubber compound
  • Enhanced toe-dragging defense
  • Mid-foot stability support
  • Moisture management system
  • Increased abrasion-resistance
  • Imported product
  • Potential size variations
  • Limited color options

Best Durable Men’s Pickleball Shoes

The best durable men’s pickleball shoes are the K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes because of their superior durability features, including the high-density AÖSTA 7.0 rubber compound and DURAWRAP technology, providing unparalleled defense against wear and tear.

3: Best Extra-Wide Men’s Pickleball Shoes – FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men Review

FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men stand out with a unique blend of comfort and sport-oriented design. These shoes offer a refreshing combination of a fashionable mesh and super soft microfiber upper, a honeycomb insole for extra cushioning, and a durable outsole designed to enhance agility. 

If you’re seeking an all-around sports shoe that caters to wider feet while also offering optimum functionality, then let’s delve further into what makes these shoes a fantastic choice.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men

Comfort: Comfort is non-negotiable in a pickleball shoe. The FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes come with a honeycomb insole and Ortholite material providing extra cushioning and support, making them suitable for prolonged wear.

Durability: The durability of your pickleball shoes is a factor that can’t be overlooked. These FitVille shoes feature a durable dual-density EVA material and anti-torsion TPU rubber, promising long-lasting wear.

Traction: For swift and secure movement on the court, excellent traction is vital. The enhanced non-slip design of the FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes allows for secure and unrestricted movement on various surfaces.

Breathability: Breathability is a must for maintaining foot health and comfort during intense games. The FitVille shoes incorporate breathable material and anti-odor technology, ensuring your feet stay cool and fresh.

  • Extra-wide design
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Durable dual-density material
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Non-slip design
  • Limited style options
  • Suede may stain
  • Not for narrow feet

Best Extra-Wide Men’s Pickleball Shoes

The best Extra-Wide men’s pickleball shoes are the FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men because of their unique extra-wide design, providing superior comfort and freedom of movement, specifically catering to those with wider feet.

4: Best Eco-friendly Men’s Pickleball Shoes – Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe Review

Standing out in the crowd of pickleball shoes, the Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe brings together comfort, durability, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

 Its unique features such as a breathable upper, lightweight midsole, and high-wear durability outsole are crafted with at least 50% recycled content, creating an eco-friendly yet performance-driven shoe. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe


Comfort is critical when it comes to pickleball shoes. The padded collar and lightweight EVA midsole in the Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 ensure cushioned comfort for extended gameplay.


This shoe stands out for its ADIWEAR OUTSOLE, offering the ultimate in high-wear durability. Such robust construction can withstand the rigors of intense pickleball matches.


Effective traction is key for swift, controlled movements on the court. The rubber sole of this shoe ensures reliable grip and stability, allowing you to confidently make those quick lateral movements.


The Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoe features a breathable open mesh upper, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the game, promoting a healthier and more comfortable environment for your feet.

  • Padded collar comfort
  • High-wear durability
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Breathable upper
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Limited color options
  • Size variations possible
  • Sole thickness concerns

Best Eco-friendly Men’s Pickleball Shoes

The best eco-friendly men’s pickleball shoes are the Adidas Men’s Gamecourt 2 Tennis Shoes because of their unique blend of performance-oriented features and commitment to sustainability, offering a high-quality, comfortable, and eco-friendly option for pickleball players.

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5: Best Versatile Men’s Pickleball Shoes – Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes Review

The Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes offer unparalleled versatility, designed for both indoor and outdoor court play. 

Equipped with Goodyear rubber outsoles, podiatrist-certified arch support, and a breathable athletic mesh upper, these shoes promise optimal performance and comfort. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

Comfort: Comfort is key when selecting pickleball shoes. These Skechers shoes boast a relaxed fit with an adjustable lace-up front, ensuring a comfortable experience during any workout or game.

Durability: Durability is essential for pickleball shoes that withstand the rigors of the game. The Goodyear rubber outsoles on these shoes provide superior traction and longevity for both indoor and outdoor court play.

Traction: Traction plays a significant role in maintaining balance during quick, lateral movements. The Goodyear rubber outsoles on these shoes offer enhanced traction, allowing you to perform at your best on any court surface.

Breathability: Breathability is crucial to keep your feet dry and comfortable. These Skechers shoes feature a breathable athletic mesh upper, providing a cooling effect and promoting a healthier environment for your feet.

  • Indoor and outdoor versatility
  • Goodyear rubber outsoles
  • Podiatrist-certified arch support
  • Breathable athletic mesh
  • Adjustable lace-up front
  • Imported product
  • Limited color options
  • Potential size variations

Best Versatile Men’s Pickleball Shoes

The best versatile men’s pickleball shoes are the Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes because of their exceptional versatility, designed for both indoor and outdoor court play, and the superior comfort provided by the podiatrist-certified arch support and breathable athletic mesh upper.

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Buyers’ Guide

bruno nascimento PHIgYUGQPvU unsplash


When it comes to selecting the best men’s pickleball shoes, comfort should be a top priority. After all, pickleball is a fast-paced game that requires quick movements and long periods of play. Shoes that don’t fit well or lack cushioning can lead to discomfort or even injuries. 

We’ve observed that shoes with good arch support, cushioning, and a snug fit can significantly improve your playing experience. Always remember, comfort is key to keep you focused on the game, not on your aching feet.


Another important factor to consider is the durability of your pickleball shoes. This sport involves a lot of quick, lateral movements, so you need shoes that can withstand intense play. During our testing, we found that the best men’s pickleball shoes were made from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, even on rough surfaces. 

The more durable the shoe, the less frequently you’ll need to replace them, saving you time and money in the long run.


Traction is crucial in pickleball, as it can drastically affect your performance. Shoes with good traction will allow you to move confidently on the court, preventing slips and fall. 

Our research and user feedback indicate that shoes with non-marking rubber soles provide excellent grip, whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. When it comes to finding the best men’s pickleball shoes, look for options that offer superior grip and stability.


As pickleball can be a strenuous activity, it’s essential that your shoes are breathable. Wearing shoes with poor ventilation can lead to excessive sweating, discomfort, and even blisters. 

Based on our observations, shoes with mesh or other breathable materials can help keep your feet dry and comfortable, even during intense matches. So, while searching for the best men’s pickleball shoes, don’t overlook the importance of breathability.


Lastly, price is a crucial consideration when buying the best men’s pickleball shoes. You may find a wide range of prices depending on the brand, materials used, and features of the shoe. 

While buying the most expensive pair is unnecessary, our research suggests that investing in a quality pair of shoes could save you from discomfort and frequent replacements. Consider your budget, but also remember that a good pair of shoes is an investment in your comfort and performance on the court.

If you’re unsure about the right kind of shoes to wear for pickleball, take a look at this detailed review of pickleball shoes.


When you’re on the hunt for the best men’s pickleball shoes, it’s crucial to understand the key role that the Pickleball Shoe Materials play in overall performance and comfort. From our observations and research, the materials used in constructing the shoes can directly influence their durability, breathability, and fit.

Upper Material

The upper material is often the first thing you’ll notice about a shoe. It plays a significant role in breathability and fit. Commonly used materials include:

  • Synthetic Mesh: Offers excellent breathability and is lightweight.
  • Leather: Provides superior durability and support but may lack breathability.
Material Pros Cons
Synthetic Mesh Lightweight, breathable Less durable
Leather Durable, supportive Less breathable

Midsole Material

The midsole is responsible for cushioning and support.

  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate): Known for its lightness and excellent cushioning properties.
  • PU (Polyurethane): More durable than EVA, offers better stability but is heavier.

Outsole Material

The outsole material greatly affects the shoe’s grip and durability.

  • Rubber: Provides excellent traction, especially on court surfaces.
  • Gum Rubber: Offers better grip on indoor surfaces but wears down faster outdoors.

Understanding these materials can guide you towards the best men’s pickleball shoes that meet your specific needs. Remember, the right combination of materials can significantly improve your game, offering the right balance of comfort, durability, and performance.

Pickleball Shoe Grip

In the realm of the best men’s pickleball shoes, one critical aspect to consider is the pickleball shoe grip. A shoe’s grip impacts your performance on the court, affecting your mobility, speed, and overall safety.

Importance of Grip in Pickleball Shoes

The grip of a pickleball shoe is essentially its ability to maintain contact with the ground, preventing slips and falls during gameplay. It’s pivotal in providing the stability you need when making quick lateral movements or sudden changes in direction.

Based on tests and observations, shoes with excellent grip contribute to better performance. They enable you to move swiftly and confidently around the court, ensuring your safety while enhancing your gameplay.

Here are a few factors that contribute to a good grip in pickleball shoes:

  • Sole Material: Often made from rubber or synthetic materials, the sole should offer resistance to slippage.
  • Sole Pattern: Patterns such as herringbone can enhance traction, offering better grip on various court surfaces.
  • Shoe Weight: Lighter shoes can improve mobility without compromising on grip.

Choosing Shoes with Optimal Grip

Selecting shoes with the right grip can be a game-changer. Here’s a simple table highlighting the key factors to consider:

Factor Why it’s Important
Sole Material Determines slip resistance
Sole Pattern Enhances traction on different court surfaces
Shoe Weight Balances mobility and grip

Remember, the best men’s pickleball shoes offer not only comfort and durability but also an optimal pickleball shoe grip. Consider these factors carefully when making your next purchase for an improved pickleball experience.

Comfort and durability are key when choosing pickleball shoes; these top 10 pickleball shoes offer both and enhance your performance on the court.

Pickleball Shoe Design

When searching for the best men’s pickleball shoes, understanding the intricacies of pickleball shoe design can make a world of difference. Shoe design is not merely about aesthetics; it involves certain crucial features that directly impact your performance on the court.

Key Aspects of Pickleball Shoe Design

1. Sole Design:

The sole design is of paramount importance in pickleball shoes. They often feature a gum rubber sole, renowned for its excellent traction on court surfaces. This ensures you have the stability for quick lateral movements.

2. Upper Material:

The upper material should provide both comfort and breathability. Materials like synthetic mesh are commonly used as they allow air circulation, keeping your feet dry and cool.

3. Midsole Cushioning:

The midsole is responsible for absorbing impact. Look for shoes with sufficient cushioning, often provided by materials like EVA foam, to protect your feet from the stress of constant motion.

4. Toe Guard:

Many pickleball shoes feature a reinforced toe guard to protect against excessive toe dragging, a common occurrence in the sport.

Let’s summarize the key design aspects:

Key Aspect Description
Sole Design Provides traction and stability
Upper Material Offers comfort and breathability
Midsole Cushioning Absorbs impact
Toe Guard Protects against excessive toe dragging

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Exploring Pickleball Shoe Brands for the Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes

When on the hunt for the best men’s pickleball shoes, you’ll encounter a variety of pickleball shoe brands. Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, and understanding their offerings can help you make an informed decision.

Key Brands to Consider

Three prominent brands stand out for their commitment to quality and innovation in pickleball shoe design: Skechers, K-Swiss, and ASICS. Each brand has a unique approach to optimizing performance and comfort, contributing to the overall experience you’ll have on the court.

  • Skechers: Known for their versatile designs, Skechers shoes often feature enhanced traction suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. They also incorporate podiatrist-certified arch support for optimal comfort during play.
  • K-Swiss: This brand is recognized for its durability. The high-density rubber compounds used in their shoes offer robust defense against wear and tear, ensuring longevity.
  • ASICS: ASICS places a heavy focus on foot support and stability, crafting shoes that offer excellent shock absorption and support for quick lateral movements.

Comparison of Top Brands

Brand Main Strengths Ideal For
Skechers Versatility, Arch Support Indoor and Outdoor Play
K-Swiss Durability, Toe-Drag Defense Intense Play
ASICS Foot Support, Stability Quick Lateral Movements

Remember, the best mens pickleball shoes for you will depend on your individual needs, playing style, and personal preferences. By exploring these brands and understanding their strengths, you can find the right fit for your game.

Understanding Pickleball Shoe Sizes

The pickleball shoe sizes play a critical role in your overall game performance. Just like any sport, pickleball demands that you have the right gear, and that includes having the right shoe size. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can hinder your movement, causing discomfort or even injuries.

Key Aspects of Pickleball Shoe Sizes

When you’re on the hunt for the best men’s pickleball shoes, it’s crucial to consider the following aspects related to shoe sizes:

  1. Length: The shoe should be long enough to accommodate your toes comfortably. There should be a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  2. Width: The shoe should fit snugly around your foot, but not so tight that it causes discomfort. Pay attention to how the shoe wraps around your midfoot and heel.
  3. Shape: Different brands and models have different shapes. Some may have a broader toe box, while others may be narrower. Choose a shape that best fits your foot.

Pickleball Shoe Size Chart

Here’s a general size chart to guide you:

US Size Length (in inches)
7 9.625
8 9.9375
9 10.1875
10 10.5625
11 10.9375
12 11.25
13 11.5625

Remember, your pickleball shoe size might differ from your regular shoe size. Make sure you measure your foot correctly or try the shoes on before purchase.

Keep these points in mind when you’re looking for the best men’s pickleball shoes. A well-fitting shoe can enhance your performance and ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable game.

Shoe Care for Pickleball

Maintaining your pickleball shoes is just as essential as selecting the best men’s pickleball shoes. Proper shoe care not only extends the lifespan of your shoes but also ensures they continue to deliver optimal performance. Based on our observations and research, we’ve provided some key strategies below.

Routine Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a critical part of shoe care for pickleball. After each game, it’s advisable to remove any dirt or debris that might have accumulated on the sole or upper of the shoe. Remember, allowing dirt to sit for extended periods can degrade the material and reduce the shoe’s grip.

Proper Storage

Where and how you store your shoes can significantly affect their longevity. It’s best to store your shoes in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight, which can cause materials to break down over time. Additionally, using a shoe tree can help retain the shoe’s shape.

Shoe Rotation

If you’re a regular player, you might consider having more than one pair of shoes and rotating them. This strategy allows each pair enough time to dry out and recover from the wear and tear of each game.

When to Replace Your Shoes

Despite your best efforts, all shoes have a finite lifespan. Be aware of the signs that it’s time for a replacement. If you notice decreased traction, discomfort, or visible wear and tear, it might be time to invest in a new pair of the best men’s pickleball shoes.

  • Shoe Care for Pickleball Checklist
    • Regular cleaning
    • Proper storage
    • Shoe rotation
    • Timely replacement
Shoe Care Factor Why It’s Important
Routine Cleaning Removes dirt and debris, maintains grip
Proper Storage Preserves materials, maintains shoe shape
Shoe Rotation Allows shoes to dry, reduces wear and tear
Timely Replacement Ensures comfort, maintains performance

Remember, the better you care for your shoes, the longer they’ll serve you on the pickleball court.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the main features to look for when buying the best men’s pickleball shoes?

The primary features to look for in the best men’s pickleball shoes include comfort, durability, traction, breathability, and price. Comfort ensures your feet stay pain-free during long games. Durability means the shoes will withstand the wear and tear of intense play. Traction provides stability and prevents slips, while breathability keeps your feet dry. Lastly, consider the price that fits within your budget while ensuring quality.

2. How do I ensure the best fit for my pickleball shoes?

To ensure the best fit for your pickleball shoes, measure your foot size accurately before purchase. Brands may have different sizing, so always refer to the specific brand’s size chart. Also, remember that your feet tend to swell a bit during the day, so try on shoes in the afternoon or evening for the best fit.

3. Can I use running shoes for pickleball?

While running shoes can be used for pickleball, they may not provide the optimal performance. The best men’s pickleball shoes are designed to support the side-to-side movements common in pickleball, while running shoes are built for forward motion. Therefore, pickleball shoes generally offer better traction and stability for pickleball players.

4. How often should I replace my pickleball shoes?

The frequency of replacing pickleball shoes depends on how often and intensely you play. On average, with regular play, you should consider replacing your shoes every 3 to 6 months. If you notice the soles wearing thin, the shoe losing its support, or discomfort while playing, it’s likely time for a new pair.

5. Are there specific brands known for making the best men’s pickleball shoes?

Yes, several brands are well-known for producing high-quality pickleball shoes. Brands such as ASICS, New Balance, and K-Swiss are often praised for their superior comfort, durability, and performance in the best men’s pickleball shoes. However, the best brand for you will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

6. Do I need different pickleball shoes for indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, you might require different shoes for indoor and outdoor play. Outdoor pickleball shoes often have harder soles to withstand rough surfaces, while indoor shoes typically have softer soles for better grip on smooth surfaces. However, some shoes are versatile enough to be used in both environments.

7. How should I care for my pickleball shoes to increase their lifespan?

To increase the lifespan of your pickleball shoes, clean them regularly to remove dirt and grime. Don’t machine wash them as it can break down the shoe structure. Instead, clean with a brush and soapy water. Also, avoid wearing them off the court to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

8. Are there lightweight pickleball shoes available?

Yes, many of the best men’s pickleball shoes are designed to be lightweight to allow for quick and agile movements on the court. Brands often use materials like mesh and synthetic fabrics to reduce weight without compromising on support and durability.

9. How important is breathability in pickleball shoes?

Breathability is highly important in pickleball shoes. Shoes with good ventilation help prevent excessive sweating, discomfort, and blisters. Look for shoes with breathable materials like mesh to keep your feet dry during play.

10. Are there pickleball shoes available for players with wide feet?

Absolutely, many brands offer pickleball shoes in wide sizes. It’s crucial to choose a shoe that fits your foot shape to ensure comfort and prevent injuries. Brands like New Balance and ASICS often have a good reputation for providing wider sizes in their range of best men’s pickleball shoes. Make sure to check the sizing chart and reviews before purchasing to ensure a good fit for wider feet.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, after extensive research, observations, and user feedback, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 7 Tennis Shoes have emerged as the winner in the category of the best men’s pickleball shoes. 

Their combination of comfort, durability, and superior performance make them a top choice for any pickleball enthusiast. Investing in these shoes can significantly enhance your game and ensure a great playing experience on the court. 

Remember, the right shoe can make all the difference, so choose wisely!


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